About LRWA

Lohegaon – A Heaven or Hell OR it is a heaven but government/PMC officials making it “Hell” for the more than 50 k honest tax payers.

God helps those, those who help themselves.

Well, More than 70,000 residents of Lohegaon area did not have much of a choice, other than taking things in their own hands.

If not God, the expectation of educated, law abiding, tax paying people in this area was the PMC or the traffic department will come their aid to manage the horrible traffic situation. To their utter dismay, innumerable complaints to the concerned authorities fell to deaf ears. No one came to help, to manage the traffic situation at Jakat naka porwal road crossing and it became bad to worst during the rainy season.

There are 5 multispecialty hospitals on and around Porwal road, and during peak hours, no one has any clue how an ambulance with a critical patient will be able to reach the hospital on time.

Moreover, there are more than 10 schools, 2 of them were big schools (DY Patil international school and Dr. Mar Theophilus school) , one and one may often notice mothers painstakingly, gliding through this traffic in the morning with their little ones holding on to them.

Where does it end? To what limit do we keep on tolerating this and why? Are we not paying our taxes on time?

The residents had enough of this and they decided to take the situation in their hands and started managing traffic on their own. On 16th June 2019, Dr. Rakesh Ojha (Chairman of Balaji Mesmero Society) with the help of a group of 5 good Samaritans (Mr. Ravi Ganchari, Mr. Sandeep Lokhande [Chairman of PrideAshiyashna Society], Mr. Akash Tiwari, Mr. Varun Kumar, Mr. Kishan Patil) formed Lohegaon Residents Welfare Association (LRWA) to take care of the situation.

How many of us can spare 5 mins in the morning rush hours to serve the society? I think very few. Fighting all odds this team of LRWA’s volunteers, have been managing traffic at Jakatnaka since 8th July everyday from 8. 30 am to 10.30 am. They are marked late at office, they are questioned everyday for such delay and they have to let go their domestic responsibilities just to ensure that everyone else reaches office on time. The result is, there is a smooth flow of traffic, no congestion and everything managed smooth.

This might sound straight from the pages of a fairy tale, but this is a glaring real time example of how everything can be managed when you put your heart and soul into it.
2 hours every day, hail or high waters you will find this team relentlessly managing traffic with a smile on their faces. This deserves a round of applause and we bow down to this selfless act.
We urge local authorities yet another time to take down illegal hoardings posters, construction and make way for traffic. Additionally a traffic signal @ at Jakat Naka, NO PARKING boards and speed breakers at Porwal road is much needed. Also, looking at the current situation, at least 2 traffic police is needed to manage traffic. Also, government authority has to remove the encroachments on porwal road which has narrowed down the road.

If there is a will there is a way. We stand by this, and we are hopeful we will see light at the end of the tunnel soon.

1) In year 2009 – 10 this area had population of approximately. 2000 – 2500 peoples. But due to rapid development and heavy construction in this area, now in year 2019 there is population of approximately 75000 to 90000 peoples. However, the basic infrastructure like road is as same as in year 2009.
2) The most acute breakthrough issue of Lohegaon area is Daily Commute. Residents Porwal road, Sathewasti and other part of Lohegaon are facing daily traffic congestion at Jakatnaka, Lohegaon. Since there is no alternative road available in our area so we are forced to use 40 feet private road which is sharing by more than 70, 000 families residing at Porwal road, Sathewasti and other part of Lohegaon plus the outside commuters to DY patil School, Dr. Mar Theophilus school, many day care centers, multispecialty hospitals (Orchid hospital and Sathe hospital are on porwal road), many business centers, water tankers of many society, PMC buses etc . This single road (named Porwal road, Lohegaon) has daily commuters of not less than 2 to 3 lakhs of people. On porwal road, there are two big hospitals namely Orchid hospital and Sathe hospital which are handling emergency cases of nearby areas: Dhanori – Lohegaon – Porwal Road – Kalwad Road. Most of the time ambulance stuck in traffic congestion at Jakatnaka (in Lohegaon area) and putting patients on risk.
3) Now comes the most known issue of India and that is illegal encroachments on Porwal road, which has further narrow down the road. Illegal encroachments on Porwal road play a major role in causing a heavy traffic jam/congestion at Jakat Naka, Lohegaon.
The Core committee of LRWA (Dr. Rakesh Ojha, Secretory of LRWA [Chairman of Balaji Memsero Society], Mr. O.P Upadhyay – Chairman of LRWA, Mr. Sandeep Lokhande [Chairmam of PrideAshiyashna Society] – Vice President of LRWA, Mr. Ravi Ganchari – Deputy Secretory of LRWA, and Mr. Aksah Tiwari & Mr. Jai Jagani– Active committee members of LRWA met Dr. Vipin Sharma (additional Commissioner) and all Sr. officials of PMC – The outcome already published in Pune, Mirror-

Read more at:

Photo of core committee attached in front of PMC building.
Here are the 4 DP/RP proposed road as discussed in meeting:
Below are the 4 DP/RP roads proposed from Lohegoan-dhanori road which will be going till Dy Patil College. But nothing is completed.

Road No. 1. (100 ft. D.P. Road)* Kashmir Bhavan to Orchid Revel (Via Orchid Hospital, MSEB Sub Station and Goodwill 24). There is no ligation on this road but road work is not started. However there are 2 encroachments is there which no body is looking after. Atleast temporary road work should be done so residents who want to go Balaji mesmero Society, L-square, Orchid hospital, Reval orchid, Aurum Elementto can go via this road.

Road No. 2 Porwal Road* ( From Jakat Naka to D Y Patil). This road is 40feet road which is being in used by everyone but there is lot of encroachments and no traffic signal is nt there..

Road No. 3 (100 ft. R P Road) 509 Chowk to Goodwill Orchid Soc. to D Y Patil* I.e. Anna Wadapav via B U Bhandari Soc., Martheophilus School, Nyati. This road has 3 litigation by Bu Bhandari society, Dr martheoplius School and one local. But then why this road was ingurated by MLA Jagdishji Mulik, Was he not aware about this litigation?. If this road is completed, then 50% of traffic will be reduced

Road No. 4 (100 ft. D.P. Road) From Kashiganga Soc. To D.Y. Patil. This road is done till palladium homes and after that it’s pending due to litigation.

Here is Snapshot of key issue of our area (Porwal road- Sathe wasti-Lohegaon, Pune):

Sr. No Basic amenities/infrastructure Status of availability in Porwal road- Sathe wasti-Lohegaon, Pune
1 Corporation drinking water Not available.
2 Parallel to Porwal Road to avoid daily traffic congestion Not available – 2 DP roadinaugurated by MLA, but still on paper, no progress
3 illegal encroachments on Porwal road, Jakat Naka causing congestion at Jakat Naka, and Porwal road Lohegaon. Yes, full illegal encroachments on Porwal road – No traffic signal at Jakat Naka, no regular traffic police – full traffic congestion in peak hours
4 Street lights on Porwal road- Sathewasti- Lohegaon Not available
5 Speed breakers and footpath on Porwal road- Sathewasti- Lohegaon Not available
6 Proper drainage system Not available
7 Traffic the signal on Porwal road, Jakat Naka to prevent traffic congestion Not available – full traffic congestion in peak hours
8 Garden for Senior citizen and Children in Porwal or Sathe-wasti & Firefighter vehicle Not available