God helps those, those who help themselves

God helps those, those who help themselves..
Well, 50000 residents of Dhanori- Lohegaon area did not have much of a choice, other than taking things in their own hands.
If not God, the expectation of educated, law abiding, tax paying people in this area was the PMC or the traffic department will come their aid to manage the horrible traffic situtation. To their utter dismay, innumerable complaints to the concerned authorities fell to deaf ears. No one came to help, to manage the traffic situation at Jakat naka porwal road crossing and it became bad to worst during the rainy season.
There is a multispeciality hospital on this very road, Orchid hospital and during peak hours, no one has any clue how an ambulance with a critical patient will be able to reach the hospital on time.
Moreover there are 2 schools and one may often notice mothers painstakingly, gliding through this traffic in the morning with their little ones holding on to them.
Where does it end ? To what limit do we keep on tolerating this and why ? Are we not paying our taxes on time?
The residents had enough of this and they decided to take the situation in their hands and started managing traffic on their own. A team of people who are salaried employees, have a family to support, had no other option than accepting a latemark at office, let go family responsibilities and stand at the crossing everyday morning to manage traffic since 8th July 2019. This deserves a round of applause and we bow down to this selfless act however this can only be a temporary solution .
We urge local authorities yet another time to take down illegal hoardings posters , construction and make way for traffic. Additionally a traffic signal at Jakat Naka crossing is much needed.
If there is a will there is a way. We stand by this, and we are hopeful we will see light at the nd of the tunnel soon.

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